The Kedashi Swarms

The Kedashi Swarm

Within many of the large forests across Anyaral there lives a race of almost-mythical creatures who are known as the kedashi. These strange gods of the forests show up in the earliest of legends, where they are portrayed as a fickle force of nature, sometimes devastating entire villages, or at others tumbling the mighty towers of the Devanu. The precise descriptions in those stories are vague, with the kedashi taking the form of terrifying swarms, giant beasts or even the forests themselves tearing their victims apart with claw-like branches. 

In the civilised cities of the Empire these myths are still told to jenta, but to most fubarnii they are simply seen as parables of the dangers of the forests. For those who live in the shadows of the forests these myths carry far more weight. Every settlement will have stories of those who ventured too far and were lost to the kedashi and most will offer up sacrifices in thanks for being allowed to stay.

For many generations there has been a tacit understanding between the kedashi and the ‘outsiders’. The outsiders can live within the shadows of the trees, but they are not welcome beyond those outskirts. Even the Devanu follow the understanding. There are always young outcasts who are desperate enough to break the understanding, but it is rare for them to emerge from the depths.

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