The Devanu

Every Devanu is a terrifying master of the art of hunting and killing, their sharp claws causing death wherever they pass. The Devanu Kopa is the leader of his tribe, the single most powerful warrior who subjugates his band of Sempa and Jenta to ensure they will not rise up to take his place. It is the Kopa whoselects the targets and demonstrates his prowess, leaping from combat to combat, spilling blood and rending flesh.

The Devanu have always trained and controlled creatures to do their will. The Grishak have been used by Devanu for many generations, since even before the rise of the Empire. They have been bred as efficient hunting beasts who run silently besides their masters, and are trained to respond to the Devanu cries, ploughing into their targets with a terrifying screech, dragging down their victims with their powerful jaws.

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