Anyaral: The World of Twilight

Anyaral: World of Twilight mapSince the time the Devanu were overthrown and the Fubarnii were freed from slavery, the Empire grew in power, stretching from the Gethlon Seas to the Argoran Wastes. The Fubarnii clans lived together in peace under the rule of the Emperor.

But the world is changing. The Delgon now claim that the Fubarnii Gods, the Enarii, walk among them. They want the whole Empire to bow to these gods, and after the bloody rejection by the Fubarnii Emperor have declared a war of Retribution. Their initial gains have spread their influence far beyond the ancestral Delgon territory. The Empire is fast losing patience both with the Delgon expansion and the towns and cities of the northern Empire that seem to be joining them.

The once proud and powerful Devanu still haunt the edges of the Empire. In spite of their fall and their current struggle for survival, the Devanu still believe in their superiority and dream of regaining their former glory. Taking advantage of the disruption the Retribution war is causing the predatory leaders within the packs are becoming more daring in their raids. Indeed leaders such as Arak Katain have gained notoriety normally reserved for their brutal ancestors.

In the vast forests of Anyaral, another force is stirring. The Delgon and Fubarnii work-teams move deeper among the trees, felling them in huge numbers to fuel their war efforts. In doing so they have awoken the forest's denizens; recently many teams have been lost, and those who survived spoke of vast swarms of Frenu and monstrous beasts that tore through their machinery and slaughtered the workers.

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