Aid to Ukraine - Keeva


It seems hard to comprehend the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, with so many families broken and displaced. Twilight Miniatures is only a little company but I want to be able to do something to make a difference, however small, and it seems like a good platform. Hopefully I can also inspire my friends and followers to contribute a little more as well!

I thought the best place to start would be to do what I do best and sculpt something. For those of you who know the world of Anyaral, you may see some parallels between the Engu clan and Ukraine so that seemed a natural subject. I also wanted to create a character with a little hope behind her, so this is Keeva, a young Engu who has provided inspiration across the Empire.

Keeva forms part of the Twilight range. However, for every Keeva sold through to the end of May I will personally donate £10 to the British Red Cross to support the crisis in Ukraine.

You can also donate directly to the fund on Just Giving for the potential to win a special copy painted by Joe Karame:

Please note that there might be a slight delay delivering this model. You can order her on her own (in which case I'm trying to figure out a good way to get her sent out to minimise customs handling charges) or with other models.

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