Death in the Trees (Log Wagon, 2 Yirnak and Scenario Scroll)


This pack contains a laser cut log wagon kit, pulled by two Yirnak (you will need to add your on logs!). It also contains the 'Death in the trees' scenario, a large three player game between the Delgon, the Empire and the Kedashi. The Delgon logging crew are trying to escape the forests, but the Empire and Kedashi forces are not going to make things easy for them!

The forces specified in the scenario are:

  • Enguan Logging Crew: Log Wagon, Engu Garosa and 3 Engu Axes and a NuraKira to oversee them
  • 300pt Delgon force
  • 300pt Empire force
  • 300pt Kedashi force

You can of course use alternative forces if you prefer!

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