The Compiled Traveller 2 (with cards)


This issue of the Compiled Traveller includes lots of new units for use in your games! The magazine focuses on the Engineers of Anyaral, otherwise known as 'Rahkiri'. These eccentric individuals have been a part of Twilight ever since I first started exploring the world so I think it's about time they got a bit more attention! 

The magazine is 24 pages long and includes rules for:

  • Belomoch dre Hearn and his explosive automata
  • Belan Rider
  • Toloran Cavalry
  • Nobleguard Crossbow
  • Imperial Standard
  • The Pree Pree!
  • Dhogu Archer and Yirnak Captain
  • Tak Sirahn
  • The Yartain and pups
  • Koi-Koi and Jakiin

The set also includes a deck of 18 cards covering all the units in the Traveller along with printed templates for Tak Sirahn's snowdrifts.

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