The Compiled Traveller 1 (with cards)


This 24 page printed rules compilation gives rules for all the new models released after Chronicles of Anyaral until the start of 2016, including rules for the core models in the new Kedashi swarm. The cards for these models are available in Expansion Deck 1.

  • Empire
    • Tanaris Zelehn (The Herder Queen)
    • Samine il Moerasii (The Falconer)
    • Cren Blaak (The Shipbuilder)
  • Kedashi Swarms
    • Kaopi, Frenu and Swarms
    • Trebarnii Boss, Warriors and Brute
    • Bagrun and Kelahn
  • Delgon
    • Dehran
    • Dehran's KalDreman
    • KalDruKar

PLUS: Playtest rules for the new Casanii and plenty of background and scenarios.

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