The Imperial Horticulture Society (4 player)


The local engineers have spent the last few months working on their plants for the Annual Imperial Horticultural Competition. Just days before the event, the region has become infested with a small swarm of pagefourus, who are intent on eating the beautiful plants. The engineers have all hired bands of mercenaries (some more unscrupulous than others) to defend their gardens, and this is where you come in. It is your job to deter the pests, preferably in the direction of your opponents’ gardens…

The scenario can be played with multiple different gardeners, and this scenario pack includes all the extras you need for a four player game, just add your favourite 300pt forces! You can improvise additional gardeners/critters, or combine multiple packs together for larger games.


  • 4 x 60mm garden templates
  • 16 x pesky pagefourus
  • 2 x flora of anyaral (to make your gardens suitably beutiful)
  • 1 x scenario scroll

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